Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2008

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Since:     1981
Organizer:    Macau Sport Development Board & Macau Athletic Association
Course Record: 2:15:06 (Yemane Tsegai Adhane, 2008)
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Races: Full and Half Marathon, 5k
Date:   07 December 2008
Time: All races: 6:00 am.
Where: Macau Stadium
Participants 1500 (Full and Half Marathon)

Women Full Marathon Men Full Marathon
1. Lili Yuan (China, 2:36:40) 1. Yemane Tsegai Adhane (Ethiopia, 2:15:06)
2. Yong Ok Jong (DPRK, 2:36:52) 2. Cyprian Kiogora Mwobi (Kenya, 2:15:12)
3. Kum Ok Kim (DPRK, 2:36:55) 3. Mykhail Iveruk (Ukraine, 2:16:49)
Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Fong Leng Chao (Macau, 1:33:28) 1. Chan Kit Chan (Macau, 1:17:45)
2. Pauline Pui Ling Cheung (1:40:26) 2. Jonathan Yiu Fun Lau (1:18:04)
3. Lai Yin Cheung (1:41:39) 3. Ngok Pang Leung (1:18:37)
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