Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2007

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Since:     1981
Organizer:    Macau Sport Development Board & Macau Athletic Association
Course Record: 2:15:21 (Kim Jung Won, 1999)
Official Website:

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Women Full Marathon Men Full Marathon
1. Un Suk Phyo (DPRK, 2:38:27) 1. Ri Kum Song (DPRK, 2:17:40)
2. Chol Sun Kim (DPRK, 2:40:02) 2. Epetet Joseph Kadon (Kenya, 2:17:58)
3. Natalya Volgina (Russia, 2:42:43) 3. Cheruiyot Kipkoech Reuben (Kenya, 2:18:36)
Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Yiu Kit Ching (HK, 1:27:49) 1. Lee Kar Lun (HK, 1:18:35)
2. Gillian Castka (UK, 1:28:24) 2. Yiu-Fun Jonathan Lau (HK, 1:18:47)
3. Victoria Hill (UK, 1:28:47) 3. Costa Antonio Pereira (Portugal, 1:19:08)
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